Charlie Whitehead

I was a newspaper reporter covering various beats – government, cops, courts, politics, environment and whatever else came along – for more than 25 years, from 1985 until 2010.

I live on little San Carlos Island near the barrier island resort town of Fort Myers Beach in southwest Florida. I’m a married man with four kids.

I ran for local elected office in 2012. I’m registered as a Republican, but chose to run without party affiliation. I consider myself a pragmatist and a political moderate. I believed I was clearly the most qualified candidate for the job. I lost.

I am a busy guy, having served on local committees for facilities, planning and parks and rec as well as for the local elementary school. I have been a Little League president, coach and umpire and a residents association president. I played football and basketball in college and have coached those sports, too.

I believe in straightforward, unbiased hard news – you’ll see a lot of it here – and I believe local newspapers and TV stations no longer provide it. I believe real news coverage is essential to a free society and that those charged with providing it aren’t getting it done.

I’ve never been one to express my opinions. It’s a reporter thing, and it was a hard thing to learn as a candidate. I know the difference between news and opinion, and will tell you when I stray from one to the other. You get to judge whether I’m any good at it.

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