1. Steve Brodkin

    Hi Charlie,
    Your take on impact fees expressed the view of many of us so well that I printed up copies and handed it to Commissioners when I spoke at the BOCC meeting. I hope you don’t mind. In my brief time to speak I went over a couple of the key points. Anyway, Commissioner Pendergrass tried to call me today (he missed me and didn’t leave a message). I called him back but missed him. I came home to find the email below. Apparently when people expose his lies he sees them as confused.
    Steve Brodkin

    To respond to your confusion yesterday regarding my editorial from Sunday, let me provide you with a clear picture.
    As a candidate you run on an issue platform and mine was clear and consistent, while your candidate, Paige Rausch’s was not. She wanted to increase Impact fees 100% going against her statements 8 months prior to when she commended the BOCC for lowering the fee in 2012. All of my campaign materials and information were distinct in stating that I supported a lower impact fee and 68% of all (not just Republicans)Lee County residents supported my position. It would be unethical for me to go against what I just told voters 6 months ago.
    Maybe in the future if you work with all current elected bodies you may have more success. Also, I believe I have heard you say that you think growth should pay for growth and all should pay their fair share?? Well you have never paid impact fees on your current home so how is that fair to others? That is one of the many problems with impact fees not being a reliable funding source. Another example is when someone knocks down a home that was built prior to 1987 on the river and replaces it with a new home. An impact fee is never collected if the new home or building is replaced within 5 yrs of the DO.

    Thank you

    Commissioner Cecil L Pendergrass
    Lee County Board of County Commissioners District 2

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