Radel’s Party Wants Him Gone

TypingMonkeyLarge[1]The Lee County, Collier County and Florida Republican Party are all asking Trey Radel to resign.

The man national news outlets are calling Florida’s Cocaine Congressman bought an 8-ball (3.5 grams) of cocaine from an undercover cop outside a Washington, D.C. restaurant on October 29. He entered a plea agreement to a misdemeanor possession charge Nov. 20.

Radel has entered rehab in Naples, and has said he intends to keep his seat. His party in the two counties his District 19 represents and at the state level want him gone.

In a statement Terry Miller, chairman of the GOP executive committee in Radel’s home Lee County, said his prayers and best wishes are with Radel and his family.

Miller said the decision rests with Radel, but urged him to resign immediately and said if he does choose to stay in office and seek another term the party will not back him.

“His actions clearly disqualify the pursuit of another term and if he should run for re-election he would not enjoy our support.”

Radel has not answered questions about the frequency of his cocaine use, though official reports say he had bought the drug “several times” from a dealer turned informant. Local prosecutors said he was “routinely using and buying cocaine.”

Radel also told authorities he sometimes shared cocaine with friends, and could have been charged with distribution.

Calls for Radel’s resignation have come from all corners. So far he appears to be digging in, having hired a crisis management public relations firm. He even attended a pricey fundraiser is Naples two days after he was charged.

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  1. -*-

    Representative Trey Radel should NOT resign because of his arrest for the non-violent and victim-less possession or use of drugs.
    Victims file civil lawsuits to recover damages, therefore I do not expect there will be civil lawsuits from victims claiming damage.
    This is another example of uninformed or misinformed voters, legislators, and law enforcers causing unintended bad consequences from non-violent victim-less prohibition crimes.
    Prohibition makes a mockery of the justice system and individual liberty.
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition http://www.leap.cc/

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