Hall’s Replacement a Done Deal?

The list of potential replacements for former Lee County Commissioner Tammy Hall is at 33.

Or it’s down to two.

Or even one.

Two men were interviewed in Tallahassee several days ago by people from Gov. Rick Scott’s office. They are Ron Inge and Brian Hamman.

Hamman had announced his candidacy for the seat before Hall resigned Sept. 24 – precisely one month ago.

Her plea agreement was made public that day – an agreement in which she admits stealing $34,000 from her campaign account in 2010. Her agreement calls for her ongoing cooperation with federal investigators.

Hamman, 33, is the local marketing director for CenturyLink. He’s a Lee County native who lives in Cape Coral with his wife and daughter.

Inge had been rumored as a candidate, but has said he would not run in 2014 if appointed. He is a real estate consultant and former executive for Harper Brothers and Florida Rock. He’s been chairman of the Horizon Council, the county’s public-private economic development group, and of the Local Planning Agency. He’s a Stetson University graduate.

Hamman is a former TV news and sports anchor, including at the Fort Myers FOX affiliate. He graduated from Cape Coral High School, Edison College and Florida Gulf Coast University.

Speculation has centered on whether the governor would select a ‘place-holder’ who would merely complete Hall’s term and step away or if he would choose someone who was a 2014 candidate, adding his own stamp and a huge incumbency advantage to that campaign.

Inge is the former and Hamman the latter.

Local sources say the governor has already made his choice and the announcement is awaiting final details. It’s likely local legislators and the other four county commissioners will get the word first.

They have not heard.


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