Hall’s Office Vacant Twenty Three Days

It’s now been 23 days since former Lee County Commissioner Tammy Hall resigned.

There are 32 people who have submitted their names to Republican Governor Rick Scott seeking appointment.

There’s been no word from the governor’s office.

Hall left office after pleading to wire fraud in federal court, having misused more than $33,000 from her 2010 campaign fund. The governor will appoint a replacement to complete the term, which ends in 2014.

The applicants run the gamut from the obvious – four are Republicans already registered to run for the District 4 seat in 2014 – to the unlikely – one is a Democratic candidate in the same race. Two are former Cape Coral council members. One’s the former mayor of Fort Myers. One is part of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the county. Several have run for office with varying degrees of success.

Which of them might get the governor’s nod, or if as rumor suggests the ‘right’ candidate hasn’t yet applied, or even whether the governor prefers a ‘place-holder’ who will not run in 2014 or someone who wants to run to stay in office until 2018 the governor hasn’t said.

Chris Berardi – Former Cape Coral councilman and founder of Patriot PAC, which recruits local candidates, and a realtor
Alan Boyd – Former Cape Coral councilman and unsuccessful 2013 candidate for mayor.
John Brock – Research analyst for Fort Myers Regional Partnership.
Paul Chandler – Audit specialist for Lee County Property Appraiser.
Robert Chilmonik – Former member Lee County School Board.
William Counts – Owner of Builders Realty Services in Cape Coral.
Joe Coviello – Regional trainer and business consultant for Progressive Employer Services in Fort Myers.
Andy Coy – Commissioner for 10 years before Hall. Candidate for the seat in 2014.
Charles Dailey – Principal of Dunbar Community School in Fort Myers.
Wayne Daltry – Former director of Smart Growth for the county and director of Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council.
Charles Dauray – Director of College of Life in Estero. Former member South Florida Water Management District board. Former chair of Lee Republicans.
Richard Diamond – Retired newspaper publisher and columnist.
John Ebling – Veterans’ Affairs director for Lee County.
Arnold Gibbs – Former chief of police for Cape Coral.
Alana Goodwin – 20-year employee of Lee County Sheriff.
Brian Hamman – CenturyLink market representative.
James Humphrey – Former mayor of Fort Myers.
Ronald Inge – Consultant and member of Lee Horizon Council and Local Planning Agency.
James Ink – Engineer consultant and member of several county advisory boards.
Debbie Jackow – Ran against Hall in 2010. Works in clinical lab at Lee Memorial Hospital.
Debbie Jordan – Democratic candidate for the seat.
Philip Kinsey Jr. – Retired fire chief of Bonita Springs.
Keith McGovern – Lee County probation officer.
Matthew Miller – Unsuccessful candidate for District 5 commissioner in 2012.
Paige Rausch – Real estate consultant.
Carmen Salome – Former aide to Tammy Hall.
David Sanchez – Community affairs officer for Fort Myers Police Department.
John Sawyer – Unsuccessful candidate for District 2 commissioner in 2012.
Raliegh Scott – Former candidate for Lee County school board.
Donald Stilwell – Longtime county manager and unsuccessful commission candidate in 2012. Candidate for the seat in 2014.
Aaron Troyer – Operations manager for Troyer Brothers Ag and Mining.
Janet Watermeier – Consultant, former director of Economic Development for the county. Former member Florida Transportation Commission.

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