Vote for Charlie…Wait…What?!

GetAttachment[1]I got an interesting message this weekend. One of those anonymous tipsters that roam the social networks told me they’d seen one of my old campaign signs on Winkler Road. I drove the length of Winkler the first chance I got and didn’t see it.

When I ran for county commission in 2012 I ended up spending just under $5,000. If you think that’s not very much you’re right. Frankly I sucked at being a politician, in large part because I suck at fundraising.

Most of my campaign spending was for signs. I don’t remember exactly how many signs I spread around Lee County, but I think it was around 2,500.

Actually the campaign raised around $8,200. The single biggest expense was the $3,371.76 filing fee.

Anyway when some friends and I went around after the election to pick up signs we collected fewer than we put out. I assume some supporters put them away as collector’s items. Some others may have been repurposed as dart boards, bird cage liners or something else useful.

Some of my more Machiavellian friends told me opponents had been stealing my campaign signs. I have no way of knowing but choose not to believe that one.

So anyway it got me thinking. Not that long ago I got notice via email that someone ‘liked’ my campaign Facebook page.


Well it seems that even though I stopped using it and haven’t thought about it in the 10 months since the election it’s still out there floating around the internet.

So I checked. It turns out there are no regulations regarding old campaign yard signs. There are also no regulations about old campaign Facebook pages or web sites.

That’s good. I can’t afford a fine.


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