Any Writer with a Tow Truck?

TypingMonkeyLarge[1]This Sunday our local daily paper wrote – in the very first line of its headline editorial, no less – that U.S. Rep Trey Radel continues to ‘tow’ the party line.

While it is true that freshman Radel has stayed true to his Tea Party roots it is difficult to imagine he and his compatriots backing up their tow trucks to hook up and haul the agenda forward.

Maybe that’s because the appropriate turn of phrase is ‘toe the line’. It refers, as those who understand the language and its use know, to runners getting as close to the starting line as they can without going over. Modern use has it meaning to rigidly adhere to ideological precepts.

It’s no surprise to see the local daily continue to contribute to the dumbing-down of its readership.

But it is disappointing.

Remember folks, this is the same bunch who recently told its readers it would improve the quality of its news coverage by including more content from USA Today.


That Gannett national flagship is known far and wide – again, among those who can still read and understand – as the McNews. It is to news coverage what McDonald’s is to fine dining – a pale and poor substitute.

The media world today is crowded with coverage that is shallow and meaningless. “Flyover journalism” some call it. It produces news stories that are but a few inches deep, as if produced by someone who merely stole a furtive glance at a complex issue. There is no context. There is no history.

USA Today specializes in it.

So now we can look forward to even more of it. Those charged with informing the people of southwest Florida will now provide still more shallow, meaningless space-filler.

Guess they’re towing the Gannett party line.


  1. Gayle O'Neil

    If we wanted USAToday content why wouldn’t we just buy that paper? It’s the local news that counts and they don’t cover it well if at all.

  2. Gayle O'Neil

    Sunday, I stood in Publix to purchase a newspaper. I looked at the headlines of both the News Press and the Naples Daily News. For the first time, I bought the Naples paper, and was glad I did. They had an article about Tammy Hall and most of the first section was information regarding Obamacare. What did the Lee paper have inside?

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